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Who We Are

Visible Vitrum developed products that can be sprayed onto any glass or acrylic surface turning it into a dynamic display screen. Our products are used to develop Rear Projection Screens and Front Projection Screens. We guarantee our products for 5 years. They are weather, scratch, and chemical resistant. They will not discolor or fade over time.

We are a US Company located in Texas. We ship our products all over the world.

In the Greater Houston area: Visible Vitrum offers turn-key solutions. This includes storefront digital advertising signage and home theater solutions. A basic storefront package includes full installation of our RPS 9 Plus coating, a 3000 lumens projector, and a media player capable of playing videos from a USB drive and SD card.

Home Theater: We offer three editions of our front projection coating FPS 7 Plus: Silver, Black, and White. They can be any size and any aspect ratio. We offer several home theater installation packages in Houston.

Our pre-made screens with our formula can be shipped locally and internationally.

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Our Services

Storefront Displays

Advertising has never been more dynamic and eye-catching as it is today with our storefront displays.

Front Projection Screens

Typically used for indoor advertising and home theater systems.

Home Theather

With FPS 7 Plus you can make 3 different types of Front Projection Screens: Black, Silver, and White.

Logo Screens

Show off your logo with custom size Logo Screens. A great way to advertise both on your store-front and in-store.

Media Player

Add new videos, pictures, slides, and more at anytime with our media player compatible with any USB drive and SD Card.

Full Installation

We now provide full installation of all of our products and services for the greater Houston area!

Our Packages

Logo ScreenGlobal

  • Size: 2' x 2'
  • Projector: Not Included
  • Media Player: Not Included
  • Shapes: Circle, Oval, Square
  • Material: Pre-Made Acrylic Screen
  • Availability: Everywhere
  • Order Now

Multiple WindowsHouston

  • Size: Up to 42 Square Feet
  • Projector: 6,000 Lumens
  • Media Player: Included
  • Shapes: Square, Rectangle
  • Material: RPS 9 Plus Formula
  • Availability: Greater Houston Area
  • Order Now

Custom OrderGlobal

  • Size: Please Specify
  • Projector: Please specify
  • Media Player: Please specify
  • Shapes: Custom
  • Material: Please specify
  • Availability: Everywhere
  • Order ow